We work with doctors from across the country, empowering them to reach out to the people around them better.

The India Heart Foundation is a collective that works with doctors from across the country empowering them to reach out to the people around them better. We do this by creating medical educational resources and building a global cardiovascular community to promote cardiovascular health at a regional and national level.

Up till a couple of years ago, we would call heart disease a silent epidemic. However, the high incidence in these last few years is getting us to sit up and talk about it. Public health estimates show that India accounts for around 60% of the world’s heart disease, despite having less than 20% of the world’s population.

About India Heart

What we do

Our work saves lives by educating people about preventing heart disease, promoting healthy living, early detection and managing heart conditions. We also facilitate a global exchange of evidence based clinical guidelines that supports cardiologists in the prevention, management and treatment of heart disease

Our mission

Our mission is to connect health professionals, patients, policy makers, industry and government to work towards the shared goal of promoting heart health for everyone. By creating a global platform of thought leaders we enable the exchange of medical innovations and help make the most advanced medical technology accessible to as many people as possible.

Our family

Our ever expanding global family comprises of world renowned cardiologists who are at the cutting edge of medicine. Doctors, educators and technology evangelists, they are committed to making healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone who needs it.

Preventive care is our best option at this point at ensuring we live life to its maximum potential.

We see patients from every walk of life, so it’s safe to say heart disease is not taking its pick based on where they live. Given the issues of affordability, accessibility, and quality of healthcare, mortality rates from heart diseases are in rural India as well. Poor lifestyles are rampant across the country in any case.

Most ailments that need surgery do not occur overnight. They build up over a period of time. The India Heart Foundation focuses on creating awareness and actively encouraging preventive cardiac care across the length and breadth of the country. We do this by creating & disseminating awareness in simple yet engaging forms of communication.

Lack of awareness is a huge issue in the Indian population, including the medical fraternity in some cases. That’s why we also work with doctors from across the country, empowering them to reach out to the people around them better.

Heart disease is a phrase that encompasses a whole range of complex issues – from corporate with bad work culture to poor choices by individuals, from malnutrition due to lack of access to basic needs to having too much, from indifference at a national level to ignorance at the grassroots.

The cost of medication and healthcare is burdensome. It’s why hospitals and doctors across the country are advocating preventive health fervently. And it’s why we’re taking this a step further by focusing on communicating effectively and engaging audiences, especially youngsters to start taking better care of themselves.

Nothing beats preventive care.